The achievement of any project under construction is justified by the efficiency in the erection of the structural steelwork. With a proven track record in regards to safety, our experienced expertise and the erection equipment define our technical capabilities and resources for the efficient and just-in-time construction of steel structures, insulation & cladding.

With an erection team of 100 qualified erectors for steel and cladding supervised by expert installation and construction engineers, we have the expertise to ensure high quality, improved precision and enhanced speed of construction at the site, under any conditions.

Over the past 22 years, we have gained trust into installing huge tanks, pedestrian bridges across the operational road with due care and safety practices.

We incorporate all our history and experience into the seamless management of our projects and are able to certify a precise control of the site while making safety and efficiency our priorities, through our Environment, Health, and Safety Plan. Our erection management system includes risk assessments, detailed erection procedures and modus operandi, lifting plans, site safety manuals, safety audits which focus on providing safety guidelines during the installation/erection of steel structure with utmost care on accidents and cost overrun while meeting the project delivery in time.

Our entire working experience and seamless knowledge share between our team include erection expertise for a wide range of services, such as civil works, door installations, and fire proofing or crane systems.

Our steel erection services are available independently as well as a package.

Al Raha Beach Installation
Al Raha Beach Installation